Put Load and Init Events On Views


This is a feature request. I have been tinkering around with NMVP and my own custome presenter triads for a month or so now, and I only recently am starting to realize its true beauty. However one thing that I have allowed to spaghetti up a work project has been the lack of automatic initalizing and loading wiring if you do not use the NMVP.Web set of usercontrols/pages. I do not want to use these because
a) another project I am using NMvp for is a desktop application (with the possibility of a web interface in the futur) and I cannot use MVpControls, since they inherit from System.Web.
b) I am not currently using a Windsor Container, mostly because I want to ease myself into the framework bit by bit. It seems that these NMvp.Web controls tightly couple the user interface to Windsor Containers.
So the feature I am requesting is that the IContract Interface or even some lower layer get Load and Init events, since both Windows Forms and Webpages use or can use these events easily.
Then it would be a good idea to have the PresenterBase automatically attach its Load and Save Methods to the view's Load and Save events.
Of course, the issue this would raise is how to control the isFirstCall parameter, but I still think its a feature worth thinking about.


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I forgot to change this Issue's type to "Feature".

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