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MonoRail Integration Version 1.0.0 Vision Statement


MonoRail is the MVC framework for the CastleProject. You can find out more in their web site. It´s a superb framework, and a much cleaner solution to web development than WebForms.

NMVP on the other hand is less coupled to a web development environment than MonoRail is, since one of our goals is decouple the UI logic from the platform it´s running on. We do understand that the web being stateless means that it won´t work the same as a windows application. That´s why the NMVP Core does not deal with platform specific details like state management, lifecycle and such. We let your views deal with it. On the other hand, dealing with this kind of detail can be very time-consuming, so NMVP has integration projects. As of now we support WebForms only, even though you could successfully use NMVP in any other platform, with a little extra effort (we have some windows forms users currently).

As of Release 1.0.0 we´ll have several new features to support in each one of our integration projects, so I´m flirting with the idea to get help from the community and get leaders for the integration projects for each platform, and treat them as sub-projects. Right now things are a little unclear. Anyway, in the MonoRail integration we´ll need to support these features, so we´ll list them and define how each will be done.

1 - Model-View-Presenter

This refers to the single MVP, where you have one view, one contract and one presenter. This pattern is really common in CRUDs, Lists, login forms, and other simple UIs.

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