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Date News
16-Aug-2007 NMVP V1.0.0 is in the Oven - Help out by contributing to it's vision statement at Vision Statement. By the way, 21.000+ visitors to the project and growing. Thanks for the interest guys!
11-Feb-2007 The first three chapters of the book "NMVP Inside-Out" have been released! Make sure you check them out here!
03-Feb-2007 Release 0.3.0 Production is out! This is the release that features both bindable MvpContainer for ASP.Net and the new MockFactory that allows for ZERO-WORK mocking! Be sure to check both out!
03-Feb-2007 Srihari Suresh joined the team! Welcome aboard buddy!
27-Jan-2007 Release 0.2.0 Production is out! It has tons of new features and a tutorial on all of those as well as framework structure explanation will be posted soon. Keep posted!
09-Jan-2007 NMvp just crossed the 1000 visitors mark and is #33 in the popularity ranking!!! Way to go people!
08-Jan-2007 Regular MVP in ASP.Net Tutorial added! Check it out now to see how easy it is to build MVP in ASP.Net using NMVP!
08-Jan-2007 Release 0.1.1 Beta is out! Please download it as it corrects a bug from 0.1.0 Beta.
07-Jan-2007 The first release is out! Check out 0.1.0 Beta!
08-Dec-2006 Updated Features and Vision Statement.
08-Dec-2006 Sadek joined the team! Welcome aboard buddy!
27-Nov-2006 Project NMVP launched.

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