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This page gives credit where it´s due for team members or contributors outside the team.

Martin Fowler

Well credit is due to him for development (or maybe enhancement) of the Model-View-Presenter pattern which is the goal of this framework.

Bernardo Heynemann

  1. Creation of the Project
  2. Use of dependency injection (Castle Project)
  3. General Structure (generic presenters, models, host, host presenter, container and container presenter)
  4. Refactoring plugin for automatically creating the Contract
  5. ASP.Net Controls for Composite MVP
  6. Bindable Mvp Container
  7. Mock Factory class for Zero-Work Mocking, using CodeDom.

Sadek Drobi

  1. Creation of the notion of Convention Over Configuration, that lessens the configuration of the Dependency Injection part a lot.
  2. Integration of the NMvp Framework with ASP.Net

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