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I would love to join your team

first post: blanco wrote: Hi, I have been researching MVCs and MVPs for .net and I havent...

latest post: Heynemann wrote: Hey blanco, Sorry for the delay. Can you please leave your msn...

i wanna take part !

first post: Quicoli wrote: Hi friends... i would like to take part in this VERY NICE proje...

latest post: Quicoli wrote: Hi, my msn contact: thanks !

Update Bio's

first post: Heynemann wrote: Let's try to update the wiki more frequently. I'll be posting a lot...

latest post: Heynemann wrote: I even assigned workitems for you both.

I would like to participate in this project

first post: sadek wrote: hello, i c this as a very interesting project , and i would like t...

latest post: Heynemann wrote: I'm adding you as a member, since you seem to be able to contribute...

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