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Apr 2, 2007 at 7:40 PM
Hi friends, i have started with NMvp just one week, and when i saw my first windows form working out, i myself thought - "what a magic" hehehe - Congratulations.

But now i need a view inside other view. Let me explain it:

I have a windows form, for adding Products. Products has Category. Categories are showed in a Listbox. Sided to listbox i have a simple button to call an Entry form for new categories. So my idea is, when user starts entrying a new product he must select a category for it but if category he wants doesnt exists he could click on button located side to listbox and the category entry form is showed up. User entry with new category, click on "save" button, the form is closed and the listbox is updated automatically.

My question is... how can i do this unsing NMvp ?
Thanks !