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Refactoring in ASP.Net: Generating the Contract

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Jan 7, 2007 at 3:36 PM
We could create an ASP.Net plugin for refactoring.
Something like a wizard for creating the contract file, so when the person right-clicks the name of the page, then Refactoring, then Generate MVP Contract, a wizard is displayed with the following information:

Contract Name: Name of the interface - defaults to I + PageName.
Properties of the Contract: This one will display every single control in the page and let the user add the properties that´ll make up this contract. If the user adds a TextBox clicking in "Add Default Property" the text property is automatically used. If the user adds it with "Add Custom Property" he must choose which property will be used.

Let´s expand on this idea, please comment people!

Hope to be hearing from you all soon,
Bernardo Heynemann